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My favourite #HugoHack:
The first thing I do when I get my salary, I set aside the amount I have ear-marked for my savings portfolio or my investments.
The amount left is for rent, bills, school fees and any other discretionary spend. It forces me to prioritise and choose between my needs-wants-desires.


My husband and I wait for groceries/household products to go on sale, items can go on sale for as much as 33-50% off if you’re willing to wait for the right time to buy. NTUC releases it’s offers on Thursday and Cold Storage on Friday.

Here are links to their weekly offers:

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I recently worked out my SingTel bill cost me SGD90 per month, and my contract expired 13 months ago.

My phone was still working great, so did not think of getting an upgrade. And because my monthly subs were just rolling off my card, I did not notice.

This cost me $900!!! I am mad as hell. I complained to SingTel—>shrug, you signed contract, ah!

My friend tried Hugo and I am on the list.

My plan —> cancel all my cards and get them reissued. See what else shows up as a monthly ripoff. Then I am putting all my household bills on Hugo to track.

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Thanks for the reminder @Moneywise. Mine was Starhub cable TV lol. Apparently, I’m no longer watching cable channels as much (thanks Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc.) and I’ve been paying for unwatched channels.

This is impressive! I never knew they have weekly offers. Always thought the sales and discounts are “random”.

Before Covid-19, I used to shop for my clothes & groceries and dine in JB, Msia on every weekend. However, its impossible to travel at the moment, so I have to be very selective on my grocery choices in Singapore. Now a day, most of the stores in the wet market accept Nets/Grab pay and their quality is better and prices are cheaper especially on the seafood and meat as compared to supermarket. At the same time I can earn Grab points and credit card points (via top up of e-wallet) from my purchase via Grab pay.
I shop online a lot more than usual on Lazada, Shopee, Iherb, Ezbuy, Amazon, Zalora, etc. And these website can earn the cashback through You will be surprise to see how much I have earned ( see the pic attached) for just linking my online purchase via

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Deck your home out for less with this “vintage” #hugohack :face_with_monocle:

Snoop around charity shops for good quality wares and furniture. Do a little touch-up and, voila, nice vintage-looking piece at a fraction of the price.

I love this one - my sister does real magic with second-hand “vintage” furniture. It’s not cheap, it actually gets you some really nice pieces full of character that kick any flat-pack out of the park!!!

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Yeah some of these furniture pieces are really well-preserved and only needed a little bit of TLC. Some “battle scars” add a bit of an old-school feel too, and I like that look.

Yea - Get some Shabby Sheek in your life!

Cool! But I always think cashbacks are usually quite slow to build up even if you spend frequently. By the time I accumulate significant cashbacks, I’ve become poor. LOL.

Bargaining seems like the in thing to do when you are shopping during your vacations. Bangkok’s Chatuchak, Vietnam’s Ben Thanh Market, Taipei’s Wu Fen Pu shopping district, South Korea’s Myeongdong or even any street vendors or stall at night markets.

While Covid has disrupted many of our travel plans, it certainly has not stopped me from one of my favorite Singaporean past times – BARGAINING! You certainly can save a tidy amount when making your purchases. From your daily grocery shopping at the wet market to big purchases like furniture or even a car. My personal favorite…… electronics and home appliances. Major electronic store chains have a written or sometimes unwritten price match policy and if you have a regular chain that you buy from for loyalty rewards but found your item sold at another chain at a lower price, take a picture of the price tag and show it to your regular store. 9 out of 10 times, they will be able to match the lower price and some might even go a little lower or throw in some free gifts just to retain you as a customer.

PS – Bargaining doesn’t stop there, remember the saying ‘ask and you shall receive.’ This is especially true when you are buying big ticket items. So…… don’t shy lah!


Didn’t know that there is a “National Bubble Tea Day” NATIONAL BUBBLE TEA DAY - April 30 - National Day Calendar
not too late to find out and celebrate with one :bubble_tea:Enjoy the last 1-for-1 from LiHO’s current menu on selected favourites

This is why I always fail my New Year resolutions…

4 simple tips + 1 bonus to achieve our savings goals! What do you all think?

Invest invest invest. The power of compounding returns.

  1. set aside some savings, invest for income
  2. use the cash flow for income and reinvest for better cash flow
  3. once you have hit the set target of cash flow to be financially independent, do what you love.