Parents unite! How are you teaching your kids about money?

Parents, this is THE place where we can all inspire one another how we can teach our children the value of saving and growing money! Keep the thread going by clicking on the “Reply” button below!

Being a parent is hard, especially being one to 3 active kids. Kelvin, father, and blogger at CheekieMonkies, thinks Hugo makes it easy for him to manage his finances and teach his kids good financial habits. Check out his blog post here!

I have been trying to teach my daughter to understand and appreciate the difference between wants, needs and desires.

It’s a tough one sometimes, specially when she says she ‘needs’ a particular book. She loves to read and I don’t want to stop that but she has way too many (and she never seems to outgrow them). My usual way out is - check which of the libraries has a copy of that book, take her to the said library, let her borrow the book and then decide whether she really ‘wants’ her own copy.

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Meet @lita , one of our first #HugoHeroes who has made Hugo a part of her life.
In this Spotlight, she reveals how her parents and her upbringing have shaped the way she views money. Today, being a homemaker and mom to 2 teenage sons, she is putting those values to use and passing them down to the kids. And being a #HugoHero, she now has a Wealthcare® Buddy to help her with that.

For those books she’s outgrown, you can try selling on Carousell to fund more books lol. But borrowing from the library is a great idea. I have almost forgotten the existence of libraries lol!


For a month now, Kelvin of Cheekiemonkies and a fellow parent has been using the Hugo app to not only spend, save and invest daily, but also to TEACH HIS CHILDREN about finance in a tangible way! He’s been using it to help his 3 kids understand the importance of working for pocket money, take responsibility in saving, and develop healthy financial habits.

Read this piece by Kelvin to find out why he now thinks he and his family needs a Wealthcare® Buddy.