Hugo Roundups FAQs

"How do Roundups work?"
All spend on your Hugo card gets rounded up to the nearest dollar and the change is saved in your Roundups ledger.

At the end of the week, all your weekly savings get swept into the Gold Vault.If you turn off Roundups before a sweep cycle, the funds get returned to your Hugo spend account.

It’s a golden opportunity indeed!

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"Can I choose how much I want rounded up?"
All your transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

However, we are continuously working on features that will allow you to have complete control over your Roundups. Soon, you will be able to select Roundups in multiples and/or as a percentage of your transaction, and decide the amount of Roundups for every single transaction.

Stay connected with us on #HugoHeroes for more updates and tell us what you would like.

"What happens to the money that I save via Roundups?"
At the end of every week, the amount saved on your Roundups will be swept into your Gold Vault (effectively as a gold buy) and held as gold until you sell it.

We did say it was a golden opportunity!

"How & when can I access these savings?"
You can also sell the gold in your Gold Vault and receive the funds in your Hugo spend account.

You can then use these funds the way you want to – create a new Money Pot, buy more gold, transfer money, pay online, pay with your Visa card and more!

"Can I Roundup money if I use another bank’s card for a transaction?"
At this point in time, you can only activate Roundups on your Hugo Card.

We are working on including this inter-operability feature in our product development road map.

Keep watching the #HugoHeroes board for more updates.

"Do I earn any interest on the money saved?"
Nope, Roundups don’t generate interests since they get swept into your Gold Vault weekly to be saved as physical gold. However, because gold is a long-term instrument largely unaffected by inflation, your savings in gold will continue to grow in value.

You can see live gold prices and see the current value of the gold in your Gold Vault. You can buy or sell gold on Hugo anytime to either invest more or get immediate liquidity.

We will continue to introduce savings products in future. Just take note that all financial instruments come with associated risks and returns.

We’re making gold everyone’s new savings BFF!

"Are there any fees and charges that I need to bear?"
There are no fees for Roundups.

Another hooray for Hugo!