Hugo Money Pots FAQs

"Are there any limits to the number of Money Pots I can set up?"
You can create any number of Money Pots for your short-, medium-, and long-term financial goals.

So, what are you saving for today?

"Is there a minimum amount I need to save every month or minimum tenure?"
No. You can save as much or as little as you want to and for as long as you like.
Hugo Money Pots are designed to help you save for your goals at the speed you want to.

It’s all up to you lah!

"Can I transfer funds to this Money Pot from another bank account?"
At the moment, you cannot transfer funds directly to your Money Pot from another bank account or debit card.

All Money Pots are personal and get filled from your Hugo spend balance.

However, you can transfer funds from your other accounts to your Hugo account and then allocate that money to your Money Pots.

"Do I earn interest on the money saved in the Money Pots?"
At the moment, you do not earn any interest on your savings in the Money Pot.

We are working on features that would allow you to earn more on your savings, grow your wealth faster while enabling you to make saving second nature.

Do watch our #HugoHeroes board for product releases that will give you the choice to select the right plan and tenure for your Money Pot.

Have fun saving!

"How do I access the money that I have saved in the Money Pots?"
You can transfer the amount you have saved in your Money Pot to your Hugo spend account and use it to pay online or with your Hugo Visa card, for the purpose you have saved it for.

You can also use these funds to create a new Money Pot or buy gold in your Hugo Gold Vault.

We are working on features that will also allow you to use your Money Pot savings for exciting and relevant offers from Hugo.

Keep watching the #HugoHeroes board for more updates.

Dreams come true at Hugo!

"Can I access the money saved in the Money Pot before its end date?"
Yes, Money Pots currently offer you complete access to your savings anytime.

"Can I stop my Money Pot anytime and cancel the monthly schedule?"
Yes, you can cancel or stop your monthly payments anytime.

"Are there any fees and charges that I need to bear?"
There are no additional charges you need to bear for setting up Money Pots.