Hugo Gold Vault FAQs

"Is there a minimum amount I need to have in my Hugo account for me to open a Gold Vault?"
Your Gold Vault is automatically created when you register on Hugo. Your Roundups get swept into the Gold Vault every week.

You can also buy gold, with the balance in your Hugo spend account, and sell gold whenever you want.
Just tap on the Gold Vault icon on the Hugo app to get started.

A golden tap, indeed!

"Is there a min. transaction limit for buying or selling gold on Hugo?"
No. There is no minimum transaction limit for buying or selling gold through your Hugo Gold Vault.

"Is there a min lock in period before I start selling the gold in my Gold Vault?"
No. You can start trading gold whenever you want to during the market hours.

"Is there a minimum amount I need to set up for a monthly schedule?"
Nope, there is no minimum transaction amount if you want to invest in gold on a regular basis by starting a monthly schedule.

Just take note, though, that your scheduled gold purchases will be on top of the weekly Roundups sweep into your Gold Vault.

Tap on the ‘Create a monthly schedule’ button inside your Hugo Gold Vault to get started.

"Is there a minimum duration for which I need to set the monthly scheduling for?"
No. You can schedule regular gold trading for as long as you want it for.

You can also cancel it at any point in time at no extra charge.

"Can I buy gold from another bank account?"
Your gold trades through Hugo can only be done through your Hugo spend account.
Just transfer funds into your Hugo spend account from your other bank accounts and you’ll be good to go.

You can then use the updated balance in your Hugo spend account to buy gold in your Gold Vault.

"When selling gold, can I get the amount credited to another bank account?"
When you sell gold from your Gold Vault, the value of your trade (minus the gold trading fee) will be credited to your Hugo spend account.

"Are there any fees and charges I need to bear?"
Just a teeny weeny 0.5% fee on every gold trade. Very competitive as compared with other platforms and providers leh.

Plus hor, we provide real-time pricing, so what you see is what you get, and that we’re not trying to smoke you.

"Are any additional documents needed?"
No, everyone with a Hugo account is free to trade gold on the app.