Hugo Account & Visa Debit Card FAQs

"How do I get my Hugo Visa debit card?"
You can order your Hugo Visa debit card on the Hugo app. Once you have registered on Hugo, just tap the top right card icon on the home screen to get started. Your card will be delivered to the address you used when registering with Hugo.

Don’t anyhow write your address ah!

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"What are the features of my Hugo Visa debit card?"
Your Hugo Visa debit card is a fully functional Visa card that is accepted globally.
You can use your card for online, face-to-face and contactless transactions.

"Can I link my Hugo Visa debit card to Apple Pay or Google Pay?"
At the moment you can’t. We are working on enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations soon.
Keep watching the #HugoHeroes board for more updates.

"Can I manage my card from the Hugo app?"
Of course!
You can view your PIN, block your card and request for a replacement of a damaged card.

"What are the fees and charges associated with it?"
There are no card fees charged by Hugo.
Shiok right?