Blog: Hugo Gold Vaults – Investing In Gold Is Easier Than You Can Say 1 2 3

There are many ways to buy, sell and store gold, but most of them are either inconvenient, cumbersome or lacking accessibility (e.g. not everyone is willing to afford even the minimum amount). Growing our wealth shouldn’t be difficult leh! With Hugo Gold Vault, we can now buy and sell gold easily and safely. Read more about how Gold Vault works at…/


Being an Indian, gold has been an integral part of my life.

  1. From gold jewellery to gold coins, every auspicious occasion meant some amount or form of gold purchase.
    (Note: We like to see our gold in physical form, even if we just leave it locked up in the bank locker.)
  2. Often that amount was determined by the price of the item you wanted and your budget.
  3. Every time gold prices came down, my ma would buy some more. She is smart!
  4. My ma would exchange/ upgrade her gold jewellery pieces to not just stay updated with the trends but also for suitable gifts for close family members (for their birthdays, weddings…).
    And my ma learnt it from her ma…
    Gold has traditionally meant ‘sound investment’ in our culture.

Hugo Gold Vault brings gold within everyone’s reach. The flexibility and control is so liberating which is something we want probably more than our parents.

Can’t wait to get started!


There’s a rule of thumb that gold should form a part of everyone’s portfolio.

Some say 5-10%, some say a lot more.

The exact amount is up to the individual but at least have some!!!

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